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EASY MASON JAR TERRARIUM by Kelly Brown and Maya Haynie

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Looking for a new planter for your succulents? How about a glass terrarium that you can make utilizing a Mason jar and other easy-to-find ingredients that you might have around the house. Here's to a quick and easy indoor activity to showcase your favorite plants.

You’ll need:

1-2 small succulents (quantity and size dependent on the jar you choose)

Mason jar

Moss (optional)

Sand (optional)

Cactus soil potting mix


Terrarium Instructions

1. Start with a clean glass Mason jar. We used a 16-ounce jar but any size and jar type will do. When cleaning your jar, just use mild soap and water. Steer clear of harsh chemicals as any left behind can poison your plant and negatively affect the soil.

2. Add the first layer by filling it between a third to a half full with rocks or pebbles. You can find them at your local garden center or grab them from outside. This layer will act as drainage as the jar has no hole at the bottom to release the water.

3. Next, take your moss (this is optional) and add a thin layer on top of the rocks to give some color to the jar and to add an additional layer of drainage. You can also add sand and another thin layer of small rocks as we did to add to the overall look.

4. Time for the soil layer! We used cactus potting mix to allow for better drainage than traditional indoor potting mix. Add only about one to two inches of soil. Adding too much traps moisture and defeats the purpose of layering! Be sure not to pack the soil just yet.

5. Now we are ready to add the succulent. We planted a Kiwi Aeonium. For this jar we used one plant, but you can use more if the lid opening is wide enough. First, make a hole in the soil for where you want to place the succulent. Next, take the succulent and remove the dirt surrounding the roots and place the roots in the little hole you just dug.

6. Once your succulent is in place, add a bit more soil and moss around the plant to keep it snug. You can also add pebbles for decoration.

7. Water the moss and or soil at the top, enough to make the soil surrounding the succulent wet. From then on, only water when the moss or soil is dry.

8. Make sure you keep your new succulent terrarium in a bright sunny spot so it can thrive!

Want to try other plants in a closed terrarium? Feel free to use ferns and other moisture-loving plants and place them halfway down in the jar. You can also add small figurines such as mushrooms or forest animals. Then you can screw the lid on, let the elevated humidity water your plants and watch them flourish in their own mini ecosystem. Be sure to remove the lid from time to time to allow for airflow to prevent mold from forming.

Kelly Brown and Maya Haynie are the owners of deVINE Plantery. Visit their website at or their shop at Maplewood Mercantile.


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