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MATTERS MAGAZINE tells the stories of life in our community. All aspects of life – whether they be interesting or unexpected glimpses into people, places or things – are fair game for story pitches, as long as they have some direct relation to the Maplewood or South Orange area.

We schedule stories for our seven annual issues at least two months in advance, so submit your ideas early. We’ll consider Final Matters submissions on an ongoing basis.

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(1000 to 1300 words) can be personality-based (e.g., people profiles), issues-based (e.g., news or events of the area) or a mix thereof. In any case, they should embody the traits of narrative journalism: strong,scene-based storytelling complementing solid, in-depth reporting. Fields of interest include, but are by no means limited to: lifestyles, arts/culture, business, family, education, sports, food, or entertaining.



(500 to 800 words) may include commentary, quick, punchy slices of life, cultural observation, significant anecdotes or other forms of nonfiction writing. MATTERS MAGAZINE considers a limited number each year.


Submissions (from single photos to multi-page essays) are always welcome, but publishing of them is not guaranteed. We accept written queries only, preferably a brief query with a sample lead and one-page outline; writers should also enclose several published clips, if possible plus a resume. Manuscripts and other materials will be returned only if the writer includes a self-addressed, stamped envelope, or can be picked up at our office. MATTERS MAGAZINE cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to unsolicited material. The writer guarantees that any submitted piece is his or her own work and is not plagiarized.

Mail inquiries to:


Ellen Donker, Editor in Chief
P.O. Box 198
Maplewood, NJ 07040




Once a story is accepted or assigned, we will review the first draft, which should be accompanied by photography, if available. MATTERS MAGAZINE reserves the right to request changes and a second draft and reserves the right to final edit all materials.




Once approved as a contributing writer, MATTERS MAGAZINE will provide you with a copy of our writer’s style sheet. This is an overview of our preferred formatting and general style requirements.



Writers are paid fees according to their agreement with MATTERS MAGAZINE. Once assigned, the content becomes the property of MATTERS MAGAZINE. Our standard contract is work-for-hire; we will negotiate other rights on a case-by-case basis.

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