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Kookoo-ye Sabzi

5 eggs
One cup herb mix of parsley, dill, cilantro and leek/green onion
A few lettuce greens

Mix all of the above ingredients and fry gently on stove in omelet pan. With the herbs, add a small handful of dried barberries, to taste. Dried cranberries or lingonberries can be substituted if barberries are unavailable.

Flip and cook both sides.

(In Afghan and Iranian cooking, berberis (barberry) flavors rice dishes, known as polow (in Persian) and pilau (in Dari). In Iran it is used in kookoo-ye sabzi (an herb omelet) and zereshk polow (rice mixed with barberry served with chicken). In India, pickled barberries are served with curries or used like raisins in desserts.)

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