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Grilled Figs

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(Guest impressing, moan inducing)
From Hank Zona

1 package of fresh figs (18), ripe but not overly ripe
½ pound of sliced prosciutto
1 small log of goat cheese at room temperature
1 tablespoon finely fresh chopped rosemary
2-3 tablespoons of port, sherry, or similar fortified wine
Salt and fresh pepper, to taste

Heat grill to high. Mix goat cheese, rosemary and wine until smooth and soft. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Place the cheese mixture in a pastry bag with a small tip.

Cut a small “x” in the bottom of the figs. Squeeze a small amount of the cheese mixture into the x. Don’t overfill the figs. Wrap the figs with sliced prosciutto. Place the figs on the grill…turn the head to medium. Turn the figs until the prosciutto is starting to brown but not too crisped…grill on all sides. You are good to go. That wasn’t hard at all, was it? Dairy intolerant? Don’t like goat cheese? Think it’s too much work? Skip the cheese mixture and just grill the prosciutto-wrapped figs. They will still be delicious. Use it as an appetizer or to have with an arugula salad.

Wine suggestions: Serve with a sparkling wine, crisp rose or a light fresh red like a Spanish Garnacha.